Time Management While Studying

Manage your time, effectively, efficiently. (5 minutes read)

You don’t realise but, time management is way more important for you than you think.

An unorthodox way could just be studying all day with no breaks. For most people, unfortunately, this can result in poor functioning of the brain due to lack in keeping pace with it.

A proven way to reach an optimum level of time management and enhance productivity is to adopt the POMODORO technique. This technique essentially means studying for 25 minutes with a 5-minute break. Successful adoption of such technique will result in distraction reduction- in other words, a student can be less tempted to check social media or perform any other activity, that too, guilt free.

Some tips you could follow while practising POMODORO

Make a To-Do list: List all the topics you would want to cover for the day and then prioritise them according to their importance. Make a realistic to-do list to follow initially with less number of tasks/topics to cover. The same can be increased when it becomes a habit.
– Cut one big topic into small topics. Order the chunks by importance. Work on one small topic at a time.
– Make a flexible schedule- There is always one issue that pops up every time we sit down to study. Why not make some space for it as well. 

There are plenty of android and iOS applications that can aid you while practising this particular technique. Making something a habit requires consistent commitment.

Now that you know how to manage time while studying efficiently and effectively, beware of the overachiever bug. You might get into a trap and start adding up a lot more on the plate than you can eat. This will happen no matter how much you strategize, every day has a 24-hour limit. So, the key isn’t to find more time in the day to study but to make the most of what you have. After all, isn’t the point of all of this time management to become more organised?

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