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Change, the only constant. (12 minutes read)

As we move towards an information age, nations around the world are grappling with the next level of transformation in education, digital transformation. The challenge in India remains a twentieth-century challenge of quantity and quality for its primary and higher education systems. This needs to change.

An  ASSOCHAM report stated, “With the current rate of growth in the education sector, India will take around 6 generations or around 126 years to match the education standards of developed nations”, that makes one thing clear, our kids and grandkids would still be in a developing nation! This needs to change.

Let’s understand the few gaps in the education system:

  1. Lack of knowledge of education options is an important concern for studentsWith too many options to choose from, students often fail to choose the best option available for them. A wrong pick may harm their educational career. By options, I mean every education option that includes daycare, schools, tutors, colleges, institutes. Lack of information about them is the primary reason. With increasing number of these options, a user is often left to ponder as whose service to avail. On the other hand, options such as daycare, tutors and institutes specifically are not quite able to market their practices in an overcrowded and highly competitive space.
  2. Discontent among students with the feudal methods of teaching: The curriculum is overloaded with obscure theory. Too many courses are crammed. Other than choosing the stream, students do not have much freedom in choosing the subjects within those streams. On the flip side. teachers are unable to satisfy the students by their knowledge and methods of teaching their knowledge level and education system is not providing the satisfaction. Due to this, the students stand against the teachers and system. This hampers the creative quotient of a student. The question arises, “Can a student dare to dream in such scenario?”. 
  3. Learning for understanding: It is observed that Indian students are studying only to score marks. While doing so, they fail to understand the concepts. Education system abroad rather looks for true leadership in the student. Their kind of education system is willing to trade-off examination marks for skills that are extremely important to excel in a career. 
  4. Lack of skills that the industry desires: With just 2% of the skilled workforce in India against Korea (96%), Japan (80%), Germany (75%), we see a lot of potential skill development. Skill based learning will not only cater to domestic workforce requirements but also serve as an effective manpower hub at a global scale.

The education sector has been in a dire need for rethinking the way it is functioning. The answer to this lies in leveraging technology. However, it is important for educationists to understand how to leverage the power of technology.

EduGyd wants to change this scenario with its education and learning platform. With this platform, EduGyd wants to allow its users to freely navigate across all the options of education that is there around them, based on their needs, their personality, their hobbies. With its platform, EduGyd wants to empower learners with an ability to learn and practice skills which are necessary for their career and personal life. Skills that relate to communication, leadership, soft skills, analytical skills and a lot more. Through this platform, users can find all learning related tips and tricks not just for the purpose of their studies and job but also if they are to pursue their own venture.

It is said that the best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas. EduGyd is moving towards creating a community where one can freely generate ideas, discuss issues, voice opinions and possibly bring about a change in the society in a manner that is profitable for them and does welfare to the society. EduGyd’s forum is meant exactly for this purpose. This will provide a more interactive approach to learning new things

Education is not a one size fits all approach. The real impact of education technology has to be measured in terms of the impact on learning on an individual. It is important to adopt technology into measuring and assessing student performance and providing students with actionable feedback on how to improve. EduGyd is, therefore, doing its bit to tackle these issues by focussing on skill based education, encourage technology driven innovation by imparting entrepreneurial skills to aspiring students, making education reach to every person in a more personalised way because ‘one size does not fit all’ and many more efforts among others. Help EduGyd meet this change.

EduGyd strongly believes that imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination is limitless.

Aakash Balasubramanian
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