Impress Your Teachers Right From First Day

Check out some of the best practices you can adopt to impress your teachers. (6 minutes read)

Teachers are human beings with their own concerns and issues. When a student comes into class with a great attitude and a winning personality, it can make a huge difference in the mind of teachers. It gives teachers, an opportunity as well as a pleasure to give their full potential as they deliver their teachings too. And, remember that a happy teacher is a nicer teacher. Check out some of the best practices you can adopt to impress your teachers. New session starts in no time now, practice these tips and you’ll notice the difference yourself.

1. Be meticulous about the teachings in class

Paying attention to details about what is happening in class is very important. Bring it if your teacher asks you to bring any specific book to class. You could note down reminders about important things that are required to be done. Turn in your homework in time. Take out some time later in the day to study what was taught in school earlier. Ask for feedback from teachers on your performance in tests, examinations, homework or clearing doubts/answering questions in class. This shows that you are paying attention in class which is really appreciated by teachers.

2. Be helpful in class

If you have any class activity that requires to rearrange desks in class, arrange for some properties from home, do so. Teachers will notice and appreciate your actions. Help your peers as well to make them understand some concepts which you maybe knowing better, after all, it is always sharing and caring. These extra efforts never go unnoticed.

3. Thank them

Thank them in particular after sessions you find interesting. Teachers appreciate such gestures from the students. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to ask them in class, it is your right to know something you don’t in school. Thank your teachers when they help you clear your doubts.

4. Be on time

As mentioned earlier, note down reminders if need be. Be on time in class and for any activity. Especially with the assignments and homework, complete them beforehand and don’t stall it for later. Doing so might just increase your burden with other subjects too.

5. Stay classy

Dress to impress. Follow your school code of conduct on the uniform and follow it judiciously. Pass a smile as a sign of sweet gesture to teachers on appropriate occasions. People are naturally drawn towards those who appear to be friendly and open.

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