Essentials About Time Management In College

Time management in college can be challenging. There is so much to do around so many distractions. (6 minutes read)

Time management in college can be challenging. There is so much to do around so many distractions. Keeping up with the lectures, assignments, making friends, exploring a new place, getting involved with different extra-curricular activities and keeping in touch with friends and family back home become equally important at this juncture, it really can be tough, and there’s no single right way to manage your time around these chores. There are a few particular things, though, that everyone should know about time management in college.

A successful time managements requires planning

Careful planning is the backbone of effective time management. If you don’t know in advance what you should be doing and when, you are more likely to waste time.

You must keep up to date for essentials such as deadline dates, class schedule, presentation dates, exams etc. These pieces of information are the absolute basics of your time management planning. Without them, you will be messed up, and far more stressed than necessary. Find all this information out early on, and write it down somewhere you can’t possibly lose it.

Remember, There will never be enough time

It is not just you. You really do have more work than is humanly possible to achieve with only 24 hours a day. It is important to realise this as early as possible, to save you unnecessary stress and frustration. Even the most hardworking and committed student will have to prioritise. Some things will have to be left undone or not done to the best of your ability. What matters the most is that you make an informed decision about this, rather than trying to do everything, panicking, and failing. Decide what matters most to you, and focus on those things.

No one else will tell you what to do

Unlike school days, you will be given deadlines given weeks or months in advance, and then it is your choice what gets done when. Some people love this while others find it a huge challenge. If you feel overwhelmed and disorganised, you’re not alone. You have to understand that setting a schedule is pretty much entirely up to you. Perhaps you even have optional classes. Even if you are in college 9-5 every day, you will still have a lot of flexibility when it comes to completing coursework and studying for exams.

What’s really important is that you don’t just flounder and hope for the best. Effective time management in college depends on taking control of your time and paying attention to where it goes.

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