With Lot Of Syllabus Left, Effective Study Tricks To Practice Before Exams

Let's not turn exams into a nightmare. (4 minutes read)

With just days to go for exams and loads of syllabus left, your focus should be on HOW MUCH to study and not on HOW LONG you study. Practise these study tips and tricks to make your little time more worthwhile as you study for your exams.

1. Don’t Study for long hours at a stretch

Apply POMODORO  technique while studying. Studying in one stretch for a long period of time can prove to be ineffective. This way you can enhance your retentiveness.

2. Learn and Write

Write down important pointers as you read or learn. This will not only help you retain information even more but also act as a last minute study material when you’re about to appear for your exams.

3. Mark down and study smaller topics in one go

Don’t go after only the longer topics or portions of syllabus thinking that smaller topics can be covered later or in the end. Finish up with smaller and important topics in one go and preferably initially.

4. Focus on core study material and not the elaborative part of it

Important theorems, laws, definitions, diagrams, graphs are what forms part of core study material. Focus more on these and less on illustrations, examples, quotes etc. or the elaborate materials. This becomes all the more important when you are struggling with the unfinished syllabus and there is a very little time left. To narrow the syllabus more, focus on those topics which are marked important by the teachers/professors and/or have appeared in previous years’ exams.

5. Revise within 24 hours of what you have covered

You need to revise what you have learned yesterday in order to keep it retained for long. Additionally, make a list of topics you should be covering the next day. This will make things more organised and less chaotic. Again, keep your ambitions realistic and achievable.



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