Professional Photography

A practical-oriented course, specially designed for photography enthusiasts to add a professional touch to their passion.

A must for aspiring photographers, if you wish to learn, or improve your “clicking” skills and take your level higher up the ladder, pursuing a photography course could just be the right choice for you. 

Professional Photography

Structure, Duration and Eligibility

Depending on various institutes, the photography course may be divided into three stages: Foundation, Basic and Advance course. Some institutes may even provide you with diploma certificate upon completion of the course.

At Basic Level, you would get a chance to learn about features of photography such as Digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR), Exposure/ISO settings on the camera, lighting, flash photography. This particular course can run for about a month.

At Intermediate Level institutes go about spreading the curriculum into theory and practical. In theory; types of camera, automation controls, colours, filters and its uses could be taught, whereas in the Practical mode it is more or less applying those theoretical learning in indoors or outdoors landscape.  This particular course can run for about a month and a half approximately.

The Advance Level course essentially covers a more in-depth theoretical aspect of photography. Subject areas such as digital photo editing, digital photo imaging, advanced level of exposure setting, studio lighting. To complement theory, more sessions of practical sessions of indoors and outdoors landscape could be accompanied. This particular course can run for about two months, depending upon the institutes.

Apart from these, there are certain institutes that provide diploma certification in photography that runs for about 11 months. This particular course is suggested for those who wish to pursue a career in photography.  Such course could be accompanied with multi-media sessions, workshops, guest lectures, demos, slideshows, demos, critique sessions, field trips, movie screenings, and seminars. Post sessions of the foundation of photography, you could be required to choose a certain specialisation to gather a niche in your career.

High school pass/class 10th pass is the minimum eligibility required to pursue this course.

Career Options

– Freelance Photographers
– Nature & Wildlife Photographers
– Commercial Photographers
– Forensic Photographers
– Featured Photographers

– Editorial Photographers
Wedding photographers
– Photojournalists/Press Photographers
– Fashion photographers

Institutes Offering Professional Photography Course

– Indian Institute of Photography, Mumbai
– National Institute of Photography, Noida

– Light and Life Academy, Chennai
– Delhi School of Photography, New Delhi
– Pearl Academy, Delhi
– The Indian Institute of Digital Art and Animation, Kolkata
Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University, Hyderabad

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