5 Skill Sets Must For A Budding Professional

Develop these skills to make yourself stand out. (6 minutes read)

A professional in every field has a distinct set of competencies required for success.There are certain skill sets that are absolute must-haves, no matter what type of career being pursued.

Sadly, no one tells you what those skills are until you realise you don’t have them — like when you fumble through your first presentation at work because you never learned the art of public speaking.

We rounded up few skills that every professional should develop if they haven’t already. Some of them are easier than others, but all of them will help one stand out and advance in their career

1. Communicating via E-Mail

A professional working on an ipad

These days people are bombarded with lots of e-mails, meaning if you want someone to open (and read) your message, you have to craft it carefully.

If you’re e-mailing a really busy person, you will want to write a short subject line and send your message sometime between Monday afternoon and Wednesday morning. This is because time becomes an enemy as the weekend draws closer.

If you are e-mailing a potential employer, be sure to address your message to the appropriate person and tailor it to the specific job you’re applying for. In many cases, your e-mail will be the first impression someone has of you — so make it count.

2. NetworkingProfessional having a cup of coffee at workNetworking is crucial to your success, regardless of the field you are in at any stage of your career.

Start by asking people how you can help them, as opposed to how they can help you and if you are afraid you will get stuck talking about the weather forecast with every new acquaintance, try to get better at small talk by sharing interesting anecdotes.

3. Dress to ImpressA professional dress

A well dressed professional seeks more respect and attention by anyone he/she interacts with. It is important that you boost your confidence when you’re going to an interview or presenting a presentation because this will make you come across better. Make sure that you strike a balance between something that makes you feel confident and what looks professional.

4. Be Punctual

A Professional looking at watch

It is unprofessional to consistently barge into the middle of by coming late. Learn how to be punctual — or better yet, early.

It is often said that superiors perceive a professional who shows up early as high performer than the one who shows up later.

5. Build your Resume

Things a professional requires

Your resume is what makes the very first impression of you in your absence. our resume needs to stand out as clean, clear and concise from the very first glance. If you have skills that are highly unusual and valuable to the organisation you are applying to, this is your chance to put them on display.


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