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It is very thoughtful of Team EduGyd to step up with an innovative approach to lead the education system in a more organised and efficient manner. I have experienced a lot about students losing a sense of direction in their career path as they embark future study prospects. And if at that time they get a companionship in the form of EduGyd to mentor their way through, it will not only boost their morale but also enable them to lead a right kind of education and an informed one.
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This website, if developed and launched, will not only help the students but also the educationists in their efforts to tap into the internet space to gather an audience and market share. I see a competitive space being created with the launch of this website among the education options and it will surely be a healthy one, focused on quality of education and deliverable-oriented. I wish them good luck in their future endeavors with EduGyd.
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Sounds like an exciting platform for not just students but for anyone who has a zeal to learn about anything they want. Courses, learning material, tips and tricks to excel in life, education options around and the list just goes on. I for one would definitely want to be associated with this venture. I wish them all the best for their future. I honestly cannot wait to see how they scale it to a broader level and create an inclusive learning environment.